Platinum Metal


Platinum Metal Wire

Platinum Metal
chemical element: Pt
( wire, 18 gauge )
High purity Platinum Metal wire. Platinum is very ductile and does not oxidize at any temperature. Platinum is corroded somewhat by halogens, cyanides, sulfur, and caustic alkalis. It is insoluble in hydrochloric and nitric acid, but dissolves in hot Aqua Regia. The metal has an excellent resistance to corrosion and high temperature. It has stable electrical properties making it very desirable in industrial applications. The most common use for Platinum is as a catalyst in chemical reactions - Platinum Black is one such catalyst. It is a very rare element and historically has been always priced higher than Gold. Our Platinum Wire is solid 18 gauge (0 .040" or 1.024 mm) and is 99.99% pure. It is priced and sold per inch.

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