Corn Cobb (1 gallon size bag)


Corn Cob
chemical formula: N/A
( coarse granular )
Specially dried, granulated & sorted Corn Cob for pyrotechnic uses. Corn Cob is typically coated with a Black Powder mixture and used to fill, and burst Aerial Star Shells, throwing the colorful burning Stars in all directions. Other materials, such as Rice Hulls are also used for this purpose, but Corn Cob consistently produces superior results. Large, 1 gallon in volume (over 3.5 pounds) of dried Corn Cob. In our opinion, the best material to us in your Aerial Star Shells. To coat with Black Powder, simply soak some Corn Cob in water for a few minutes, then let drain on a screen. Place the damp Corn Cob in a large container with a lid, along with a mixture of Black Powder & about 10% Dextrin. Shake well and lay out to dry.
One bag of this will fill over twenty 4" star shells.

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