LENR / eCat Supplies

The possibility that Low Energy Nuclear Reactors (LENRs) might just work has the scientific community buzzing. Experiments are being conducted on all scales from home experimenters to the large national laboratories. The most well known device, the 'eCat' (Energy Catalyzer) invented by Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi, has the ability to change the world as we know it. Dennis Bushnell, the chief Scientist at NASA's Langley Research Center described LENR as a "promising" technology and praised the work of Rossi and Focardi. We at United Nuclear Scientific would like to become the 'one stop shop' for equipment & supplies relating to this technology so any experimenter has easy access to components that make up these new and revolutionary energy sources.

NOTE: This section is currently under construction and in the near future we expect to have a large variety of LENR/eCat related materials from chemicals & metals, to pumps, fittings & electronic components & control systems.

Stay tuned to this web page for updates & new LENR/eCat items for sale.

Currently Available LENR Supplies

Nickel Metal (powder)
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Nickel Metal ( Powder )
chemical element: Ni
( powder )
Extremely high purity ACS/Reagent grade Nickel Metal powder, approximately 500-600 mesh. Ideal for all laboratory/research applications where high purity Nickel powder is required.
Caution: Use normal laboratory safety precautions (wear a filter mask/respirator and gloves) when working with Nickel powder. Nickel powder is toxic, a suspected carcinogen, and also extremely toxic to aquatic life.

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