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Uranium Dioxide

Radioactive Uranium Dioxide, in 5 gram quantities. You can find it on our Chemicals & Metals page.

New Chemical Bottle Sizes

We've added some larger sizes to our amber PET plastic jars. Great for chemical storage or containing light sensitive materials. See them on our Containers page.

Uranium Metal

Pure Uranium Metal, in 3 gram sample quantities. Very difficult to obtain - ideal for element collectors or conducting experiments with genuine Uranium metal. Much larger samples will be available soon. You can find it on our Chemicals & Metals page.

Nuclear Glowing Soap

Wash with your choice of glowing bars of Uranium, Plutonium or Radium soap! We've even got assortment gift packs of all 3. Our new glow-in-the-dark Nuclear Periodic Table Soaps are all natural (no animal products used) and have a nice clean scent. A great gift for that techie or science fan. Find them in our Fun Science Stuff or Glow-in-the-Dark sections.



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