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High Voltage Induction Coil

Our new HV Induction Coil. A great inexpensive source of HV for the experimenter, $99.00.
You can find it on our High Voltage page.

Meteorite Fragments

Authentic iron/nickel meteorite samples, excavated in the Chaco Province of Northern Argentina.
These are a solid metal (Nickel/Iron) Meteorites, $29.00.
You'll find more information on our Meteorites page.

Uranium Metal

Pure Uranium Metal, in small 3 gram sample quantities for collectors, or any size single chunks up to 1 pound in weight.
Very difficult to obtain. Ideal for element collectors or a very unusual stocking stuffer, $49.00 and up.
You can find it on our Chemicals & Metals page.

Nuclear Glowing Soap

Wash with your choice of glowing bars of Uranium, Plutonium or Radium soap! We've even got assortment gift packs of all 3. Our glow-in-the-dark Nuclear Periodic Table Soaps are all natural, $19.00.
Find them in our Fun Science Stuff or Glow-in-the-Dark sections.



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