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Ultra Pure Silicon Crystal - Disks & Chunks

Ultra pure polycrystallline Silicon, the same form of Silicon used to make solar cells. Pure Silicon is placed in a spinning crucible and heated until it becomes liquid. A seed crystal is placed in the crucible and the entire apparatus is rotated about 75 rpm. The seed crystal is slowly pulled out and a large boule forms. Once cooled, the boule is sliced into thin wafers which are used for making solar cells, ICs, transistors, etc. We have solid Silicon crystal disks that measure about 1.5" diameter x 3/8" thick. We also have Silicon crystal chunks from shattered boules. Difficult to find and great for a variety of experiments. You can find them on our Chemicals & Metals page.

Beaker & Flask Coffee Mugs

Two great new mugs for laboratory use or cup of coffee at home. Handles make it convienient for dealing with hot liquids. The 'chopped' Erlenmeyer Flask and Beaker both have handles as shown and are made from uniform thickness, high quality, heat resistant Borosilicate glass. Makes an awesome gift for your chemists/scientist/technology friends & family. Graduations with a reinforced rim. Both are accurate to within 5% of rated capacity. See our Laboratory Glassware or Fun Science Stuff sections.

New Geiger Counters

We're carrying a full line of absolute cutting edge, highly sensitive - and best of all, affordable Radiation Detectors. These easily outperfom detectors costing more than twice as much. We have a basic, easy-to-use model, and advanced features model that will interface to your PC, and a research grade detector that will impress professional users. All are pocket sized and loaded with features. For more info, see our Radiation Detection section.

Nuclear Glowing Soap

Wash with your choice of glowing bars of Uranium, Plutonium or Radium soap! We've even got assortment gift packs of all 3. Our new glow-in-the-dark Nuclear Periodic Table Soaps are all natural (no animal products used) and have a nice clean scent. A great gift for that techie or science fan. Find them in our Fun Science Stuff or Glow-in-the-Dark sections.

Uranium Ore

Uranium Ore is arriving on a regular basis from our prospectors and collectors. We'll have a much wider variety than in previous years. Instead of selling our ore simply by the radiation level, ore samples are now sold individually. We've had so many requests for specific types of ore as well as specific radiation levels, we now include all data on each sample in the listing so you can make the best choice for your needs. Higher radiation levels are always scarce and sell out shortly after they are posted. If you find one you are interested in, don't wait too long to claim it. Find them on our Radioactive Ore section.

New Tornado Machine

   Several years ago, we sold a large Tornado Machine  (pictured above) which was popular with schools, weather enthusiasts, hobbyists, as well as museums. By adjusting wind speed, wind shear, updraft, etc. it allowed you to produce miniature tornados of varying intensity and design - in free air ( i.e. not inside a sealed chamber ). An updated version of our Tornado Machine will soon be part of our standard stock. There will be two Tornado Machines available - a small (3' tall) and larger (about 7' tall) unit.
Keep an eye on our website for additional information and the release date. If you'd like us to email you when they are available, just shoot us an email to sales@unitednuclear.com.



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